What we do 

Washington Park Advisors is an investment advisory firm based in Portland, Oregon. With over 50 years of combined portfolio management experience, our team has backgrounds in law, finance, accounting, economics, and education. 

We invest primarily in common stocks and other traditional investments. With over $400m under management, our active, hands-on approach has resulted in over 25 years of sustained asset growth. Our transparency and accessibility are why we have maintained trust and loyalty for decades.


Why Washington Park? 

Veteran Team

Our combined portfolio management experience spans 50 years, successfully navigating market ups and downs. Many investors jump on trends and chase yields to the detriment of their clients’ long-term performance. Our proven track record is a result of staying rooted in sound fundamentals and avoiding the pitfalls that result in unrecoverable asset losses.

While investors can achieve market exposure through passive vehicles, we believe our clients benefit significantly from having experienced managers during market swing

Downside Risk Management

Carefully selecting the appropriate investments for a portfolio and knowing when to sell them are part of what we do to manage downside risk. Selling an investment at the wrong moment can be the difference between making money and losing it.


The importance of having a trusting relationship with those who manage your money cannot be overemphasized. We are always available to our clients, not only to help them understand their individual portfolios, but to help alleviate their fears generated from the 24-hour sensationalist news cycle. Our ability to advise clients to not make destructive decisions both at market bottoms and market highs cannot be overstated.


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