Our Research Method

Having a solid research strategy typically helps a portfolio to sustain performance over an extended period of time. Some investors rely solely on tips and other unreliable sources. While no one ever knows with certainty that a stock will go up in value, we take the time to properly evaluate a company, giving us ample insight into the possibility.


Our way of researching a company focuses on several key criteria: 

  • Quality of business (balance sheet strength, competitive advantage, management team, return on capital, profit margins)
  • Historical and expected growth
  • Dividends (higher than market average payout, increasing dividend trend)
  • Liquidity
  • Historical volatility
  • Market sentiment
  • Valuation metrics
  • Price to earnings ratio, generally we prefer valuations below the market average.

Sources where we gather financial information:

  • Review financial publications 
  • Meet with corporate management
  • Internal team-research
  • Meeting with sell-side research analysts
  • Review company filings
  • Review Y Charts (Real-time market data source)